The Best ‘Keep Calm’ Meme…and Pinterest!

My new favourite motto!

My New Favourite Motto

I am so excited to be pinning on Pinterest as The Goodie Girl – check out my boards!

So… you know when you post the most delicious looking desserts that are so elaborate and secretly hope someone else will make it for you so you could just taste it without having to put in all the work? Be honest… Yea, me too!

To make things interesting though I’m going to try to actually make a few of the things I pin.

So… what should I make?  I’ll give it my best shot and post a photo review of the whole thing! (This is gonna be hilarious)

In case you don’t “pin” – take a look at my Tasty board for ideas.

Ever made anything from Pinterest? Was it a success or did you get a hilarious story out of it?

Suggest pins for me to make – tell me your Pinterest stories – leave a comment!

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